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Authentic Church was founded in the greater New York area under the mission of simply modelling a pattern of authentic living. Inspired by the periodic Table of Elements, the branding is symbolic of the basic DNA of Authentic Church. They endeavor to create their own “Table” of core elements that are both simple and creative.

Authentic Church Logo Design Authentic Church Color Palette Authentic Church Branding System Design Authentic Church Branding Authentic Church Signage Design Authentic Church Card Design Authentic Church Website Design Authentic Church Branding

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Community Plates is a non profit organization which seeks to fight hunger through direct food transfer in the Northeastern US. The visual identity was designed to both reflect the originality of Community Plates and highlight the exclusive character of each region they serve through individual mark permutations. I was also able to create various print collateral including a leave behind piece that mimicked a restaurant menu with the company’s creed overprinted via letterpress. Food for all.

Community Plates Branding Community Plates Branding Community Plates Branding Community Plates Branding Community Plates Branding

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Our common mug

Our Common Mug was created by two best friends separated by 2,000 miles. Sold only in pairs, one handcrafted mug ships directly to you, while the other embarks on a journey to your beloved, along with a handwritten note. Co-creator and author Blaine Hogan approached me to create their visual identity, system, and mug design.

Our Common Mug Our Common Mug Our Common Mug Our Common Mug Our Common Mug

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Sky High is a community gathering place for children and families alike to play and learn about the arts. When I was contacted to create a visual identity for them it only seemed natural to make it feel happy. We decided on the paper airplane mark because it captured the playfulness and curiosity of childhood while giving a nod to the artistic side of the business. Some of the accompanying collateral included environmental signage, staff attire, and letterhead with guided paper airplane fold marks.

This project was featured in the December 2012 issue of [BranD] Magazine for design excellence.

Sky High Identity Sky High Identity Sky High Identity Sky High Identity Sky High Identity Sky High Identity

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Posters & Illustrations

Every once in a while a client requests a poster or illustration work. Since it also happens to be a favorite pastime of mine I've managed to build a library of these, with several available for purchase online at Society6.

Profile Illustration

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Over the last couple of years I’ve had the opportunity to design visual identities for a lot of great people and organizations. Many made it into circulation and some never left the concept stage. Here are just a few of my favorites. Sherman Bible Sky High The Resistance Grace Church Pause Photography Community Plates Community Plates Community Plates Leadworks Boots Sunshine Taste Fair Exchange Conference Exchange Conference The Rediscovery Village Equip The If You Really Knew Me Movement The If You Really Knew Me Movement

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